Treatment of prostatitis with a laser what is the…


Treatment of prostatitis with a laser what is the... Treatment of prostatitis with a laser: how effective is laser therapy for prostate gland diseases
How effective is the treatment of prostatitis with a laser, for what other diseases of the prostate gland is prescribed laser therapy, massage.

Is treatment of prostatitis with laser effective?

Prostatitis is considered a disease of mature men, which is difficult to treat. Newer therapies help to cure even chronic prostate inflammation. Treatment of prostatitis with a laser allows you to completely get rid of the problem in a short period of time.

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  • What it is
  • Indications for use
  • Types of physiotherapy
  • Laser physiotherapy
  • Electrolaser therapy
  • Laser vaporization
  • Combined effect
  • Advantages of the method
  • Contraindications and complications
  • Useful video: Laser treatment of prostatitis
  • Conclusion
  • What it is

    Laser therapy is the effect on the affected cells by high-intensity radiation.

    Using a laser for prostate, it is possible to achieve the following effects:

    • elimination of stagnation;
    • stimulation of local immunity;
    • improve blood microcirculation;
    • acceleration of regenerative processes.

    Note! Laser therapy has a small number of contraindications.

    After exposure, the result is immediately noticeable. The procedure is performed using a specialized laser system. The intensity and duration of radiation is determined by the doctor.

    Laser therapy for prostatitis allows you to quickly arrest the inflammation. It helps a man to forget about pain, problems with urination and erection. If, after a course of laser therapy, a person observes prophylaxis, then he has every chance to permanently get rid of prostate inflammation.

    Indications for use

    The laser is used to treat prostatitis:

    • chronic bacterial;
    • with prostate adenoma;
    • chronic with genital infection;
    • stagnant.

    It is not recommended to use a laser with an unclear course of the disease. Before applying this physiotherapeutic method, the disease is first suppressed and treated the classic way. With the help of the right exposure, it is possible to treat the treatment of chronic prostatitis with a laser.

    After using the laser, it is possible to significantly improve the condition in any chronic prostatitis. The following effects are achieved:

    • stagnant processes are eliminated;
    • increased libido;
    • the pain disappears.

    Before the appointment of the procedure carried out a detailed examination. Thus it is possible to identify the available contraindications.

    Types of physiotherapy

    Depending on the intensity of radiation, the method of influence on pathological tissues and additional

    There are the following types of procedures:

    • physiotherapy;
    • acupuncture (spot);
    • neurovascular;
    • hydrolaser;
    • vibro laser;
    • magnetic laser;
    • invasive (intravenous).

    Methods nandrolone decanoate injection of treatment of prostatitis with a laser in men is selected for individual characteristics and current state. In some cases, it is necessary to wait to use a laser with maximum safety.

    Laser Prostate Therapy carried out only after a full examination. If contraindications to the use of the method are found, a different way of dealing with the disease is selected.

    Laser physiotherapy

    Laser physiotherapy is the most popular type of exposure. The method is used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. To treat prostate inflammation, the procedure is carried out according to the following algorithm:

    Treatment of prostatitis with a laser what is the...
    1. Training is underway. The person is placed in the urological chair.
    2. If the disease is mild, the effect on the prostate is carried out through the skin. With more severe course, prostate laser therapy carried rectally. Act directly on the affected prostate gland.

    After laser therapy, the person does not experience any discomfort. The course of treatment usually consists of 8-10 procedures. To achieve the maximum result, other methods of treatment are used together with laser therapy.

    Electrolaser therapy

    Thus it is possible to obtain a more pronounced effect of the procedure.

    Electro-laser therapy for the treatment of prostatitis carried out on the same principle as the classical laser physiotherapy. No special training required.

    The main thing is to use this method to conduct an examination for possible contraindications.

    In the acute course of the disease, the electrolaser is not recommended.

    In chronic inflammation of the prostate gland, already after the first procedure, the following effects can be achieved:

    • the disappearance of inflammation;
    • reduce pain;
    • normalization of lymph flow.

    Electrolaser therapy lasts from 6 to 20 minutes. To achieve a stable result, about 12 procedures are required. They can be performed daily, as electrolaser treatment does not require a long recovery.

    Many private clinics offer electrolaser therapy. If a person wants to end the inflammation of the prostate once and for all, then you will need to contact a competent specialist who will not only effect the affected area through physical procedures, but also prescribe the correct medical therapy.

    Laser vaporization

    Laser vaporization is a surgical operation to remove prostate adenoma

    The affected area is removed selectively.

    After vaporization, complications almost never arise, since along with evaporation, cauterization of the vessels occurs.

    After laser intervention, a person recovers as soon as possible.

    It is worth noting that vaporization is a minimally invasive method of getting rid of adenoma, so a person will be able to maintain his normal life a few hours after the operation.

    Vaporization is used to treat stanabol results prostate adenoma. Also, if due to prostatitis irreversible changes occur in the prostate, then using this method you can remove the affected areas without serious surgical intervention.

    Combined effect

    The most effective physiotherapeutic method of getting rid of prostate inflammation is considered to be a simultaneous effect on the affected area:

    • vibration;
    • magnetic radiation;
    • laser radiation.

    The vibromagnetismaser technique makes it possible to comprehensively influence the problem. Even laser treatment for prostate can significantly improve the situation. When exposed to the affected area using different methods, it is possible to achieve even greater results.

    Vibration is responsible for the massage of the inflamed prostate. Compared with conventional massage, the prostate, which is usually performed by a urologist, significantly reduces trauma and increases efficiency. Laser prostate massage allows you to completely relieve inflammation and eliminate the stagnant process.

    Magnetic and laser radiation complement each other. As a result, it is possible to accelerate the regeneration, stimulate the immune system and relieve severe inflammation. With the diagnosis of prostatitis laser treatment gives a good result, but if the combined effect is used, then the efficiency increases by several times.

    Advantages of the method

    Laser therapy for prostate shows itself from the best side. After the first session, men note a pronounced therapeutic effect. Effect. A full course helps to forget about a problem forever, even if it has been inconvenient for several years. Among the advantages of this procedure are:

    • impact only on affected tissue;
    • full health safety if a person has no contraindications;
    • the possibility of combining with other methods of therapy;
    • prevalence.

    When using laser therapy as part of complex therapy, it is possible to get rid of even congestive chronic prostatitis.

    The quality of laser therapy depends on the equipment used and the qualifications of the urologist.

    Laser exposure is characterized by high safety. Contrary to popular belief, the laser does not perform heating. cells and tissues, it has a photomechanical and photochemical effect.

    Contraindications and complications

    Laser treatment for prostatitis not available to all people. Among the contraindications to the use of this procedure are:

    • blood diseases;
    • tuberculosis;
    • heart disease;
    • local infections.

    Important! Laser therapy cannot be used if the inflammation of the prostate azab 500 is acute.

    If you use the procedure without prior examination, the risk of complications increases significantly.

    Among the complications emit:

    • nagging pain in the abdomen;
    • pain in the perineum;
    • the appearance of blood in the urine.

    If physiotherapy is performed in appropriate conditions, then the risk of complications is minimal. In most cases, radiation passes through the skin, so mechanical damage to the prostate gland is excluded.

    Useful video: Laser treatment of prostatitis


    Getting rid of prostatitis through laser therapy allows you to get a result in a short period of time. If a man asked for help on time, then 1 course will be enough to cure the disease completely.

    Treatment of prostatitis with a laser what is the...